Thursday, 26 April 2012

Marshmallow Blends - Like a kid in a sweet shop!

Some of you may remember my earlier post of the caramel cupcake body scrub which I was send from Marshmallow Blends a few months ago.

Nicoletta is a fellow blogger who I have been following for months, infact she was one of the first people I followed when I started blogging back in January 2011. Her blog is here. She set up a home business called Marshmallow Blends which sells bath and beauty products inspired by bakery, cakes and sweets.

If you have a sweet tooth like me, these products are right up your street. The caramel cupcake scrub had me hooked right away.

I wanted to share what I bought:

I am so excited she has started selling soaps!

The top one is called Pink Sugar Lips soap, just look at that black, pink and white marble pattern. On the top is a pink soap lip with glitter, it has notes of cotton candy, vanilla, lemon and caramel. The smell is divine, just gorgeous and sweet without being sickly.

The second soap is called Cream Caramel soap slice, this looks just like a piece of cake with the fudge pieces poking from the top. All I can say is that this soap smells like Worthers Original sweets. Those from the UK will know what this means, anyone who doesn't know about Worthers Original - they are hard caramal butter sweets. Smooth and creamy and just amazing.

Both of these soaps cost £3.50 which I think is a fair price for a hand made soap and they are big. I will end up cutting these in half. All the soaps are SLS free which is a bonus.

Next up we have some bath melts - these are Bakewell Tart melts, £2.99 for a pack of 3. These smell amazing but are very fragile and have crumbled a little bit, so please excuse the pictures but you get the idea. I love the extra details, the little heart on the top for a cherry and the zebra and pink cupcake cases.

Finally I got a Chocolate Orange soft hearted lotion bar - £3.50 - this smells just like Terry's Chocolate Orange. The chocolate and orange don't fight to overpower each other, the balance of the two scents work in harmony together, complimenting each other well.

Nicoletta was kind enough to pop in 2 samples of products for me to try as well: Lime and Coconut Body butter and Carrot Cake body scrub.

I placed my order on Sunday and the package was with me on Tuesday, very fast postage which is impressive! I recommend checking out the products on the Marshmallow Blends website reasonable prices for the most amazing smelling hand made bath and body products.


  1. That sounds absolutely delicious. Kinda dangerous in the mornings though - when being *very* tired, and there's something that looks and smells like a cake in the shower :D Xx

  2. God these look too delicious, it mustn't be easy to resist not eating them! :D

  3. These are so cute!! Too bad my skin is too sensitive for heavy perfume soaps :(

  4. I love Nicoletta's products!!


  5. Thanks so much for a fab review. I can't tell you how great it feels to hear that people are enjoying the products I make. X

  6. It looks so yummy! I would love to try them in the future


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