Saturday, 28 April 2012

CND Shellac - Two Weeks Later

You may remember my first post about my CND Shellac manicure, (click here to see the original post) I took pictures the day I had them done and thought I would do a two weeks later post to see how they held up.

Here are the pictures the day I got them done:

Two weeks later:

As you can see the middle finger has chipped ever so slightly but the main obvious difference is that the polish has started to grow out. You can see very clearly on all my nails at the cuticle. I expected this to happen, there is also the smallest amount of tip wear as well but for two weeks I thought this was pretty good going.

I paid £15 for this manicure which is one of the cheapest  prices I have seen for it. I wouldn't get it done all the time because I have to admit after a week I was craving a different colour! However, I would get this done if I was going away for a break or holiday. Like I already mentioned I have booked another appointment with a freelancer for another gel manicure. I don't think she used Shellac so it will be good to see how she compares.


  1. It's ASP coloured gel which I prefer. I got no tip wear or chipping at all. I had the navy blue colour Bec has and the glitter top coat.
    She did tell me I could have painted over it and it would have been fine. As long as you use acetone free remover you can do allsorts of nail art etc on top. :)

  2. That's impressive indeed. That's the kind of tip wear I'm looking at after a day or so :D

  3. yeah shellac holds up really really well. I had that done to my fingers back in January and it lasted forever. :D


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