Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Video: How To Water Marble Using Nail Polish: Jewellery

I never did manage to get the technique of water marble quite right on my nails consistently. However, I did manage to get the technique to work in order to create my own jewellery using nail polish.

I used these neon colours by Colour Club to create a water marble ring. The colours (from left to right) are Warhol, Almost Famous, WHAM! POW! and Pucci-licious.

I also filmed the process as I think it is easier to watch a video step by step rather than trying to explain in in a blog post.


Hope you found this tutorial helpful. 
Would you try to make your own jewellery? If so comment down below, I would love to hear from you.

Friday, 31 July 2015

Video: Konad snowflake nail art tutorial

As I write this the sunshine is cracking the pavements here in the UK so I am aware that today's post is somewhat out of season. However, there are no rules in blogging or beauty, right?

In the middle of summer I bring to you a snowflake stamping manicure.

I am terrible at art of any kind so when I give myself a manicure I need a bit of a helping hand when it comes to nail art. That's why I have been such a fan of the Konad stamping system for several years now. 

The snowflakes are just one design on the M59 while the nail polishes are Beth's Blue by Models Own and For Audrey by China Glaze. 

So while everyone else is rocking their neon colours at the moment there is little old me in the corner using snowflakes.

Here is my video on how I created this manicure.


Friday, 24 July 2015

Video: Victoria's Secret UK Haul

America's largest lingerie retailer has landed in the UK with stores in several cities. I was in Birmingham recently and couldn't resist making a cheeky purchase from the store.

There were offers on undies in the Pink line as well as fragrance and bodycare in the Victoria's Secret line.

The undies are lace topped boy short style which are comfortable yet stylish with their bright neon shades. These were five for £20. Thinking back I probably should have stocked up on more. However, I have Pink undies which I bought in 2013 when I was in Dubai on honeymoon and they are still going strong. That's the great thing about Victoria's Secret, their garments are good quality and will last.

I also picked up some showergels and hand and body creams from the Victoria's Secret bodycare line. These were on offer as well, five for £30.

I picked up showergels in the scents: Love Spell, Aqua Kiss and Pure Seduction as well as hand and body creams in Amber Romance and Sheer Love.

The showergels are strongly scented, a little goes a long way. You don't need to use a lot in the shower and the scent lingers on the skin for a while. The creams are wonderfully rich, they skin into the skin quickly and are non greasy.

Now Victoria's Secret have made the leap to the UK I am hoping fellow American brand Bath and Body Works do the same.

Have you bought anything from Victoria's Secret in the UK? 

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Konad: Video tutorial with fluorescent Color Club nail polish

I took the plunge and sat infront of my camera to film a nail tutorial for Youtube. It was my first attempt and I have a lot to learn.

I filmed a Konad nail stamping tutorial using some neon pink and orange polishes from Color Club.

A lot of people will be familiar with the Konad nail stamping kits, but if not please click on my video below which explains the system. I have also shown step by step how the process works. 

For this manicure I used Recondition as a base coat from Seche Vite. The Color Club neon pink is called Jackie Oh while the neon orange is Koo Koo Ka Choo. Well done to Color Club for the amazing nail polish names. 

I also used Konad plate M63 which features several full nail templates.

Here is my first nail art video attempt.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The Chocolate Teapot - North Devon Cafe

I love visiting new cafes and restaurants in my town and supporting independent businesses. Any new cafe which serves hearty portions of cake will grab my attention. After a bit of buzz on Facebook a new cafe called The Chocolate Teapot opened earlier this month.

It was this chocolate dipping platter which caught my eye.

This chocolate sharing platter (£4.95) came with a pot of white chocolate and milk chocolate sauce. The goodies to dip included flapjack, rice-crispy treats, marshmallows, strawberries, chocolate brownie, cinder toffee chunks and a chocolate pencil. 

The platter was lovely, just enough to satisfy my sweet tooth craving, it went down nicely with this hot chocolate which was around £2. 

The hot chocolate consisted of warm milk with liquid chocolate drizzled at the bottom of the glass. It came with a wooden spoon to stir the liquid chocolate with the milk to create a smooth, sweet and creamy drink. 

I also had a prawn sandwich before all the sweet treats (£3.95) while my husband had a toasted sandwich. An observation in terms of service was that it would have been nice to be offered condiments especially with the toasted sandwich. 

The cafe itself has lovely outside seating area which seemed popular with mums and pushchairs. We took Joshua down and sat outside to eat out lunch, he was happy watching the world go by before having his bottle. 

The Chocolate Teapot's menu has a lot of variety and there were some lovely fresh cakes on the counter to choose from. I was impressed they even had gluten free options which a lot of places don't cater for.

I am also eyeing up the Ultimate Hot Chocolate which consists of hot milk and a chocolate cup with Belgian chocolate buttons. You can melt the chocolate in the milk, this kind of DIY is right up my street. The drink also comes with fudge, salted caramel and chocolate as well as a biscuit and marshmallows. 

All in all a lovely place with friendly staff and wide variety of food, drink and delicious cakes.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Dreamlights: Homemade candles

If you have been following my blog or Twitter account you will know of my love for candles. There is just something warm and soothing about having a candle flickering in the drawing room while you settle down to watch television. Some people only light candles when the nights are longer during those dreary winter months. I tend to light candles all year round and adjust the scents according to the seasons. 

I have been testing out a scented candle from an independent business called Dreamlights based in East Sussex.

I have been trying out the melon and cucumber scented candle which came in a pretty jam-jar style glass container with a screw fit lit. I have to admit the candle had a stronger smell from the jar itself compared to when lit. The aroma of the candle once lit was very subtle but might be stronger in a smaller room. 

I also noticed some odd pieces of red glitter at the bottom of the jar once the wax started to burn away, I wasn't sure if it was meant to be there distributed among the entire candle or not. 

The packaging itself is simple and minimal so it would make a lovely decorative piece in the home. All the scented candles have different colour wax which is a nice touch if you wanted to have several of these candles on display.

Dreamlights sell a variety of scents to suit all tastes, I like the sound of their latest scents which include salted caramel, lemon and lavender and rose and marshmallow. 

The company also sells wax melts in a range of scents as well. 

Dreamlights have items to suit all budgets. Candle jars are £5.75, large melts are £1.25, melt bars are £2.50 and sample tins are £1.25.

The company also sell teacup candles which are one of my favourite items on their website. Hand poured candles inside a china teacup would make a great gift for someone. Their blue teacup candle costs £9. 

Dreamlights also sell some gorgeous shabby chic gifts such as collages and hanging heart decorations. 

(Candle sent for review) 

Friday, 10 July 2015

Stocking Box - Handmade craft subscription box

A lot of bloggers will be familiar with monthly subscription boxes such as Glossy Box where you get a handful of beauty samples to test out. Glossy Box has had some mixed reviews, I have seen many people complaining about the size of samples, in particular the perfume samples.

With so many subscription boxes on the market at the moment it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd and be noticed. However, in my opinion Stocking Box is one such subscription service which does exactly that. 

Each month the team at Stocking Box post a parcel with contains a mixture of handmade goodies from small businesses and crafters from across the UK. I love this idea, it gives fledgling businesses and indie brands the chance to get themselves seen. Stocking Box is a great platform for new brands to showcase their goods. 

The box also contains a booklet with information about each creator. I loved reading up on each business and finding out their history. 

The lovely people at Stocking Box gave me the chance to test and review their June box.
In this month's box there are a set of notebooks created by Made By Mrs M. a Ziggy Stardust badge by Alfie Winn, Worry Cats by My Art & Soul, Garden Birds temporary tattoos by Kate Broughton, Wish Bracelet by Wren's Handiwork, Letter Crayons by Diddy Colours and two Scent Melts by Flamingo Candles

First up the notebooks by Made By Mrs M are lovely, just the right size for popping in a handbag. Designer Kate Marsden studied Fashion and Textiles and designs a range of patterns for fabrics as well.

The Ziggy Stardust badge by Alfie Winn is cute, probably not something I would wear on clothing but it would look great on a bag. The art and design skills showcase how talented the designer is.

(Pictured are Diddy Colours crayons and Alfie Winn badge)

My Art & Soul included their Worry Cats inside this month's Stocking Box. I have to admit, being a cat lover and a huge worrier this was one of my fav items in the box. You tell the cats in the glass bottle all your worries to be stored away until your stresses and worries melt away. A lovely idea.

Kate Broughton included some temporary tattoos of garden birds in this month's box. The illustrations are spot on and the colours on the tattoos are intense. Having a look on Kate's website I have eyed up some black cat nail decals which look amazing too. 

Wren's Handiwork included a charming anchor wish bracelet. The piece of jewellery is dainty and perfect layered up for summer. 

Diddy Colours included some letter crayons which are made using non toxic wax, so great for play time for those of you with children. My little man is only 14 weeks old so a little young for these just yet but I think parents would love these crayons, especially if they can spell out the child's name. 

The Scent Melts by Flamingo Candles are my other fav item in this month's Stocking Box. I am a huge fan of scented candles and wax tarts. The smell of these two melts was so strong the whole box smelt of them.  Once lit these melts have an amazing scent throw, enough to fill the whole living room. Perfect. 

The way Stocking Box works is to either order a box at the start of each month on a first come first serve basis, or subscribe to guarantee a box each month. You can subscribe for 3,6 or 12 months in advance. A one of box is £22, ongoing subscriptions are £20 and you can get an extra 5% off on your subscriptions when paying in advance.

While this box is more pricey than others on the market I love the idea of a variety of small, independent businesses getting their names out there and recognised. Great idea Stocking Box.

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