Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Graze Box - Honeycomb flapjack, popcorn, peanut butter pretzel, Texan corn salsa

I was given a voucher for a free Graze Box recently so I thought I should give the famous snacks a try. 

After creating an account I picked what kinds of snacks I like and which I don't. You can choose Bin, Try, Like, Love and Send Soon for all of the snacks Graze Box offers. I can't stand anything with banana in and I detest olives, so these snacks were quickly binned. 

It took about four days for my first box to arrive and this is what I got.

I received honeycomb flapjack, slightly sweet popcorn, peanut butter pretzel and Texcan corn salsa.

I am determined to eat these snacks instead of chomping on crisps and chocolate and my desk at work. 

I have signed up to Graze Box to have a box delivered every fortnight. The boxes cost £3.99 each. 

Are you signed up to Graze Box? If so, which snacks do love and which do you hate?

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Pregnancy - Those first few weeks - Don't freak out

A few days ago I posted my most exciting news to date. My husband and I are expecting our first baby in April 2015. Trying to conceive and those first few weeks of early pregnancy were filled with dread, anxiety and worry.

I searched around on the internet for some words of comfort and advice and couldn't find much in way of blogs. Normal people going through normal pregnancy worries. I want to change all that, I am going to write a pregnancy post once a week on what I am going through and how I coped. 

When we made the decision to come off contraception to start a family I naively thought I would get pregnant straight away, or at least a couple of months of trying. Wrong. It took us nine months. 

Now, nine months doesn't seem like long to someone on the outside, but at the time it seemed forever. I was looking around and seeing teenage mums popping children out without even a blink. I would hear of people having children after forgetting to take one pill in their pack. Why was it taking us so long.

It seemed the more we wanted it, the more stressed out we became. We did everything, eating right, DTD (doing the deed) every other day which is what doctors recommend. Nothing seemed to work. We were both taking his and hers tablet supplements. 

I then started worrying, what if this was all pointless? What if we couldn't physically have children? Our GP told us they wouldn't even consider doing tests until we had been trying to conceive for a least 18 months. That didn't do anything to help calm us down.

In the end I tried Clear Blue's digital ovulation kits and guess what, it worked first time. 

Perhaps it was all down to timing, who knows, the body is a weird and wonderful thing.....

Thursday, 23 October 2014

REMEMBER: Clocks FALL back this weekend!

I thought I would do a post this week to remind all my UK friends that something very important is happening this weekend.

The clocks go back this weekend, 2am on Saturday to be exact. 

Usually digital devices, mobile phones etc work their magic on their own, but don't forget to put your watches back one hour.

Even though the nights are closing in and getting darker the clocks going back means we gain an extra hour in bed. Bonus!

BST (British Summer Time) usually starts on the final Sunday in March and finishes on the last Sunday in October. 

REMEMBER: Clocks spring forward in the spring (March) and fall back in the autumn (October)

Monday, 20 October 2014

Zoella Let's Glow Candle - Disappointment

I am terrible when it comes to new products. If I see something new I have to give it a try, even more so when there is huge hype surrounding a new range in the blogging world.

I spotted some of Zoella's new beauty products in my local Superdrug. 

The fizz bars and bath soak didn't float my boat. However, I am a massive candle lover and couldn't resist the cute packaging. 

This is the Let's Glow candle by Zoella Beauty, it costs £5 from Superdrug. 

In the tin it smells lovely, to me it smells like a mixture of fruit and baby powder, sweet and comforting but not overpowering. 

The packaging is also another reason I was drawn to this candle, I love candles in tins while the pink text and polka dot design of this candle caught my eye instantly.

Unfortunately this is where the positives of the candle end.

Once lit my candle gave off no scent. Nothing. Infact, you wouldn't even know it was supposed to be a scented candle.

I tried standing right infront of the candle wafting it to see if I could smell anything. Nope, not a smidge. 

At first I just thought the candle had a poor scent throw, but this candle didn't give off any scent at all.

I was so excited to try my first purchase from the Zoella beauty line but I won't be buying this again. The candle itself is small, so quite expensive for how much product you get for you cash.

I might give the other products a try but for me the candle was a disappointment.

Have you tried any of Zoella's products? 

Friday, 17 October 2014

Tea on The Green - Triple chocolate caramel cake

I am yet to meet someone who doesn't like tea and cake. Or, cake and coffee, or cake and cake. There is the most gorgeous place in Westward Ho! North Devon called Tea on The Green.

Warm and butter jacket potatoes, doorstop sandwiches, cheesy crumpet medley and the much anticipated weekend cake reveal.
As well as the usual cakes the family-run business whips up weekly "special cakes".

From triple layer chocolate caramel cakes and Oreo cheesecake to cookie dough shortbread and key lime pie. There is something for everyone.

I went there with my husband recently and we had enough food to last us all week. Infact, I was so full, I couldn't finish all my cake, but look at it, the slice was huge! I got them to wrap it up to take home with me. 

I had a prawn sandwich, doorstop style and my husband had a two piece grilled cheese melt with Devonshire gammon.

The interior of Tea on The Green is amazing and unique, I haven't seen anything like it before. There are teapots hanging from the ceiling and an assortment of vintage clocks and black and white pictures.

Every time I go to Tea on The Green it is always full, the place is tiny and people will often wait for hours to get a table. I believe they used to do a winter pudding club in the evening which I would love to sign up for if they reintroduce it this winter.

Where is your fav place for tea and cake?

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Christmas 2014 Lush goodies

In my opinion no other bath and body company does seasonal holidays quite like Lush. I adore Lush's Christmas goodies and this year is no exception. I didn't buy any Snowfairy shower gel because I still have a bottle left over from last year. 

However I did pick up this little selection of treats.

Here we have Christmas Hedgehog Bubble Bar, Snow Angel Bath Melt, Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb, Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt, Golden Wonder Bath Bomb, Holly Go Lightly Bath Bomb and Christmas Eve Bubble Bar. (Also, a sneaky bottle of American Cream hair conditioner, I know it isn't a Christmas product.)

Here we have Snow Angel Bath Melt, Luxury, Lush Pud Bath Bomb and Christmas Eve Bubble Bar. 

Snow Angel turns the bath water soft and silky, whenever I use a bath melt I don't need a body lotion afterwards. Once dissolved the bath melt leaves a ribbon of silver shimmer throughout the water. 

Luxury Lush Pud is a product which was brought out last Christmas. I didn't buy it last year so needed to give it a whirl this time round. This sweetly scented bath bomb turns the bath water an array of colours. The scent of this bath bomb is divine and relaxing. 

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar is another re-release from last year. I went though quite a few of these bad boys last Christmas. The product creates lots of bubbles as well as leaving the water silky, similar to a bath melt but with the added bubbles.

Next up is Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt, Golden Wonder Bath Bomb and Holly Go Lightly Bubble Bar. The glittery silver star smells of citrus mixed with something more warming. It has shea butter to leave skin soft and smooth. This was also in shops last Christmas. 

Golden Wonder was also brought back from last year. This bath bomb is a whopper! It can easily last four baths. Give it a shake and it sounds like there is a gift hidden inside. It is infact lots of glittery bits and bobs.

Holly Go Lightly is another fun bubble bar which is scented heavily of wintery spices. Amazing for those dark and blustery nights. This is a chunky bubble bar so it tends to last me about four baths.

Finally a bottle of American Cream hair conditioner and a Christmas Hedgehog Bubble Bar.

Do you remember the Flosty Gritter Bubble Bar? It was in Lush's core line and was a bright pink glittery bubble bar? It was my all time fav product. Then Lush went and discontinued it. However, this hair conditioner is the same scent as the bubble bar. The smell is amazing, I can't get enough and what's more the scent lingers in your hair the next day.

Christmas Hedgehog Bubble Bar is a rather suspect looking creature, Doesn't look like a hedgehog to me... Anyways, I haven't tried this product yet but according to Lush it contains yland yland and shea and cocoa butters. I am looking forward to giving this a go.

Have you tried any of the new Christmas 2014 treats from Lush? 

If so, what are you enjoying at the moment? 

Saturday, 11 October 2014

A new addition to the family for 2015

My husband and I are pleased to announce we are expecting our first baby in April.

I had my 12 week scan earlier this week and am so relieved everything is ok.

I will start doing pregnancy posts on my blog as well as my usual food and makeup posts.

Looking forward to seeing what the next few months hold.