Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My first Shellac manicure

I haven't ever had a professional manicure. I just never saw the point in paying the money for a manicure when I know the polish will chip quickly and I do my nails myself so often. I then found out somewhere near me did Shellac.

I had these done for £15 which is the cheapest I have found, although I have booked another appointment with a freelancer for mid May, she charges £20 and I believe she uses a different gel system, so I shall see which I prefer.

I walked into the salon and asked if they could fit me in right there, which they could. I was a bit surprised that no prep work on my cuticles was done, I always thought that sort of work was a given? As I said, this was my first visit to get my nails done, so I have no idea what to expect.

My nails were shaped and then the wiped with a cloth before the UV base coat was applied. After this first coat was applied I put my hands into the UV lamp box for 10 seconds. Then the first coat of colour went on, I chose this gorgeous vibrant teal. This coat was cured, a second was applied and cured for a couple of mins. Finally a UV top coat was applied and cured under the UV lamp. To finish, my nails were given a quick wipe over to remove any residue and a cuticle oil was applied.

This was the end result:

At this point I have actually had this manicure on for well over a week but I have only just got round to posting. I wanted to take some pictures the day I got the manicure done and then I will do a post soon showing what it looks like after a week, a week and a half etc until I remove it.

Has anyone else tried Shellac?


  1. I've just recently qualified as a nail tech and yes you are correct cuticle work should be done. I would be surprised if your middle and index fingers last very long as the shellac seems to be all over your cuticles! I hope it last ok though - its really disappointing when you've paid all that money and it doesnt last long
    Stacie xoxox

    1. Oooh well done on your recent qualification, thankyou for confirming about the cuticle work, at least I know for next time. x

  2. Loveeee this colour. Hopefully you have better like with Bec! She's amazinggggg.

    1. :-) me too, this colour is so vibrant, it almost glows! Definitely, am booked in with Bec in a couple of weeks time. x

  3. I don't see the point of getting manicures eather!! My friends go for mani-pedis all the time and pay up to $90 for both!!

  4. My mom works at a salon and also does nails. She was telling me about this and how she tried it on herself. She liked it, but didn't feel it lived up to the hype surrounding it. I thought it looked good, but it's definitely not something I'd spend a lot of my money on. Gorgeous color though, so pretty! xoxo


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