Friday, 30 September 2011

Fab, Friendly Fridays

This afternoon I am introducing Fab, Friendly Fridays.

Every Friday I am going to mention five posts by five bloggers which have caught my eye and have enjoyed reading over the past week. 

For my first Fab, Friendly Friday I would like to give a shout out to these five bloggers:

Meredith from Polish and Charms did a great post called Milani Gems over black, looking at all the glitter made me really want to crack open a glitter polish myself. Milani Gems looks amazing over a dark base, the glitter particles really stand out.

Next up is Nail Crazy whose title for a nail polish post made me laugh, Poop on my nails....according to my son. The polish in question was a mustard-ish shade from Catherine Arley and it is a holographic polish. She took lots of great pictures which showed off the glistening holo effect. Gorgeous.

Nicole from Noir Lacquer is not only a fellow blogger, but ever since our first swap a while back I regard her as a friend. We stay in touch via e-mail and it is such a great thing to have met someone who I get on so well with. This one of the reasons why I love blogging, the people you meet and friends you make. Nicole is currently doing the 31 day nail challenge, I love her post called Brown & Blue Polka Dots.  The two shades just work so well together and this was the first time she had used a dotting tool, the whole mani just looks amazing.

Allie from Lush Lacquer did a post called Revlon - Facets of Fushia I have never come across this Revlon shade before, but it is a great purple glittery polish. Different sizes of purple glittery particles suspended in a dark base. Allie then applied a matt top coat which made the manicure look even better. I am now on the hunt for this polish!

Bicky from Tastes Like Glitter was one of the very first bloggers I looked up to, she inspired me  to set up my own blog. She was my first follower too. I love Bicky's blog posts, she does amazing make up and nail posts, but recently she has been posting about her cats and life in general which is great. I loved the post she did called Holo Tips. She painted her nails with China Glaze IDK and then did French tips with China Glaze LOL. Drool! I love those holographic polishes. 

And this is what Fab, Friendly Fridays is all about!

I have just realized that all my choices this week are nail posts! That wasn't intentional!

What do you think of my idea for my weekly post?


  1. This is a super nice idea! I'm really flattered to be mentioned! :) I'm going to check out the other bloggers you mentioned...this could be a good way to find new people to follow

  2. Hi Allie, aw not a problem, yes I thought it would be a nice way to give people a mention :-) x

  3. so nice of you that you mentioned me too :-D
    thanks dear :-D

  4. Thank you so much for mentioning me!!! That really means a lot to me. Love the idea of this, such a great way to see new blogs!! You are awesome!

  5. aw no worries girls, I am glad you al saw the post! x

  6. Awwww thanks! Do I get a piece of cake now? ;)

  7. Aw, you are so awesome! Thanks for mentioning me, and thanks for being such a great friend! xoxo

  8. its such a nice idea!

    anyway, im having an international giveaway, would you like to join it please? ^_^ thanks!


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