Tuesday, 29 May 2012

New Release from Barry M - colour changing polish - instant Nail Effect Chameleon

I am writing a quick post to tell you about a new nail polish being released by Barry M. I stumbled across the brief announcement on Twitter and just had to share with you all.

This is Barry M instant nail effect in Chameleon.

Chameleon is a colour changing polish, but unlike Claire's Mood polishes which change colour with temperature, Barry M Chameleon changes colour with a top coat.

According to their Twitter feed, any top coat will work, which is a bonus.

At this stage I am not sure how much each of the polishes will cost but they are said to be hitting shops next week.

What do you think of this new release? Excited?

Picture from Barry M Twitter


  1. Interesting. There's a no-name version of these out at Rite Aid around here (sold with topcoat)--they're fun, but it really bothers me that I can't wear topcoat on them. Good for a party, I guess, but not for a regular mani.

  2. Yeah, pretty excited. I'll definitely try this out. :)

  3. This looks so cool! I'm going straight down to boots when this comes out!

  4. Looks interesting! Hopefully their quick drying and don't cheap easily (requiring the whole nail to be coated in top coat) else that defeats the purpose.

  5. I'm guessing their best use will be for different coloured tips - that always seems to be the part of my nail that chips the worst.

  6. At first I was all "ooooooo colour changy!" But now I'm a bit meh about it.. I'd much rather they changed colour with temperature or sunlight! I think it's a good idea in theory, but in practise it means that it changes once with the top coat and then not again.. I have nail art pens for that and they'll be much easier to use than a standard top coat brush >.< plus the chippage! And the not being able to use it just before bed time in case of creases.. urrghh effort.. (Having said all of that I'll probably pick one or two up just because) xx

  7. It seems easier to just use nail art pens/nail art tools. I don't know how I feel about putting top coat over parts of the nail, but not the whole nail.

  8. First time I heard of these . thank you for sharing :)


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