Sunday, 28 July 2013

Colour Changing Gel Polish - Shellac

I have indulged in a CND Shellac manicure a couple of times now - even for my wedding I had a gorgeous shimmering teal colour.

The polish lasted more than two weeks each time I had it done at a salon - fantastic. The price tag however was not so fantastic. Around £20 a time, which, some might say is reasonable, but not something I could get on a regular basis. 

I decided to get a kit from amazon and do my own shellac manicures. 

Here is my first attempt and my chosen polish is a colour changing one:

I decided to try the Bluesky shellac polish, rather than its more expensive sister brand, CND. Bluesky is around £6 a bottle, whereas CND is £15. 

I found the wear on my first attempt was around a week, which for me, is better than normal nail polish.

I found it helped my nail health, they grew stronger, I guess the gel gave the nail a more protective layer.

Have you tried a DIY shellac?


  1. Hey. Just followed. Would love if you could follow back

  2. I haven't tried gel polish yet, but I really want to! This looks really fun!

  3. It looks cool.
    I haven't tried gel polish, and I'm not sure I will either. I love changing my polish often :)

  4. I haven't tried a shellac nail polish just yet! I'm looking forward to buying one very soon now and experimenting!
    Lovely post

    Tolu from FashinateMe x

  5. OMG I am sucker for nails! Love the colour, what is it? I have used Gel, but my light broke so now just use the gel as a top coat every now and again coz its so shiny! ha ha


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