Thursday, 24 March 2011

A sea of blues and greens

So the last post was a purple eye shadow look and I was saying how it was a nice change from my usual blue hues I go for. Having said that I woke up this morning and really wanted to use some fresh blues and greens because it was so bright and sunny outside, feels like spring had most definitely sprung. This is look I came up with:

After applying a white base I used three Barry M dazzle dusts, mint green on the inner corner, baby blue on the middle and finally electric blue on the outer corner and blending all three colours so there was no visible line. To finish I applied black mascara. I love my blues and greens, what colours do you love and keep going back to?

These are the products I used to create this look:


  1. super pretty!!

  2. Wowww the shades you've used looks gorgeous <3

  3. oh wow i really like this look! it looks great :D

  4. I like how it's just cool tones. And the gradient of the colours. Very pretty :)


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