Tuesday, 8 February 2011

From the office to the restaurant

On Friday a group of my friends from work went out for a meal and drinks, it was to celebrate someone's birthday, so everyone was really looking forward to having a few cocktails and a dance.

We had a table booked at Prezzo for 6.30pm, so not much time to get ready by the time we had left the office.
I had already straightened my hair that morning so luckily I was sorted in that department! I needed something easy for my eye make up. So I applied a generous helping of Urban Decay liquid liner in Radium to the upper lash line, once that had dried I went over the top with Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter eye liner in Air Guitar. To finish with I applied Models Own big brush mascara.

This is how the look turned out......

I quite like this bright glittery look for the eyes and best of all it is so quick and easy, ideal if you are going straight from work to a party or drinks afterwards.

Here are the products I used for this look....

Estee Lauder Lucidity foundation in no 4
Urban Decay liquid liner in Radium
Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter eye liner in Air Guitar
Models Own big brush mascara
Maybelline superstay in brilliant bronze.


  1. Love the look, i really want that Urban Decay glitter eyeliner now!! looks lovely :)

  2. Hi Maria, thanks very much, yes i recommend any of the glitter eye liners from U.D they can really jazz up a look without any fuss at all. x

  3. hey :)

    I just found your blog and having fun reading through it :)
    I love the make up in these pics, your eyes look amazing (and im so jealous of your uber-long eyelashes!)

    loving the blog, im now following :)

  4. I really like your hair color! And the eyeliner is so sparkly and pretty :)

  5. Hello corsets,crafts and cupcakes - thank you for your kind comment and for following :-)

    Cerina - Aw thanks lovely, I hope you are well? x

  6. I haven't tried a glittery look like that before, but I should because it looks awesome! Great idea for when you need something quick and simple yet pretty for a night out. Also, thanks for following me - I'm following you too now :) Haha

  7. Hi Sophie - thanks :-) that's ok, I enjoyed reading your posts and look forward to seeing more, thanks for following back :-)

    Natalie - aw thanks very much x

  8. Great post, you are so pretty! Estee Lauder double wear is one of my faves ever.

  9. I like the bright eyes hun!
    I have yet to try Urban Decay's eye products! How are you liking the UD liquid liner?

  10. Hi Nicole! nice to see your face!!! :) you're wearing estee lauder, wow!! :)


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