Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Wrist candy

Another weekness of mine is jewellery, I love the stuff, earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, 
you name it! Sometimes a something simple can transform an outfit.

When shopping in Boots a couple of weeks back I bought a GU chocolate set as it was reduced down to £4.75 or something crazy. You got a couple of boxes of truffles, (my favs were the ones with gooey caramel middle) and also a three tiered cake stand in black. I must admit this is why I bought the set. I have placed this one my dressing room table and put some of my 
jewellery on it.
Not bad eh? Makes it so much easier in the morning getting ready, no faffing around trying to 
find those earrings. I tend to put some pieces on there and then every couple of days alternatewhat I put on there so I don't end up wearing the same bits all the time.

This post I want to write about some of my fav bracelets, so here we go....
This one I bought in Florida on holiday last year, I think the shop was called Charlies....

This blue bracelet is another buy from my trip to the States, I can't remember how much it cost in dollars, but I think it was around about £4 at the time.
 This silver coloured bracelet has different coloured gems, I bought it from an Marks and Spencer outlet in the sale for £5.

 This green beaded bracelet is from a trip to Austria, it costs around £6

 Both of these silver bracelet was a gift for my birthday

 These pearl style bracelets are from Accessorize in the sale a while ago, they cost around £5
 This bracelet is from River Island and cost around £8 but a couple of the gems have fallen out.

These purple beads were from Sainsburys in the sale, around £4

 Silver bangle give to me by my aunt for my 21st birthday (which was a few years back)

 This bangle was given to me a friend many years ago, it is still going strong.

These are just a few of my favorite bracelets and bangles, do you wear jewellery?
if so, what are your favorite pieces?


  1. Beautiful stuff

    Love minnja

  2. OOOOOOO love this post. I love having a nosey at peoples stuff lol. Really nice bracelets. XX

  3. Great idea for jewellery storage! I love the pearl bracelet, so pretty xo

  4. The first bracelet and the purple one you posted are lovely! I'm not much of a bracelet person myself, I just have a heart locket bracelet my partner gave my for my birthday a few years ago and a half full Pandora bracelet which I am obsessed with haha. I wear a lot of earring though, that's my favourite jewelry. Usually I keep my stud ones in a gold star dish I accidentally broke the other day. My hanging ones I hook over the front of my pallet racks. Now I want to go shopping! hehe.

  5. They're all really pretty, my favorite is the second one!

    check out my blog, and if you like it please subscribe :)


  6. Are Estee Lauder brushes good? hmm, I have some brushes I dont use either.. haha xo


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