Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Valley Mill: Handmade Soaps

There is something wonderful about using a bar of soap. Don't get me wrong, I love my showergels and cremes, but I really enjoying using a bar of soap in the shower, there is something satisfying about watching it lather up. Bars of soap also last longer than a bottle of showergel.

Recently I have been using two soaps from Valley Mill which is a company based in Wales. 

I have been using the Bergamot and Basil soap as well as the Tea Tree and Witch Hazel soap. The soap bars and rustic and rough cut which I like. Somehow having a perfectly formed and even slice wouldn't be quite right. The rustic bars also fit in perfectly with the simple packaging. 

The soaps are made using 100% natural shea butter and coconut oils and both have the most incredible scent.

The Tea Tree and Witch Hazel soap worked wonders on my skin. Since giving birth 12 weeks ago my skin has not been behaving. Small red spots have appeared on my arms which I have never had before. However, since using this soap the redness has calmed down leaving my upper arms less angry looking. I guess much of this was down to the tea tree and the ingredient being naturally anti-bacterial. I loved the scent of this soap too. For me it was refreshing and revitalising. If you don't like tea tree it might be too overpowering for you.

I also tried the Bergamot and Basil soap from Valley Mill. Again, this soap gave off an amazing rich aroma. This soap wouldn't be out of place in a luxury spa. Once mixed with water this soap gives off a lovely light foam and left my skin soft and smooth. 

Also, the colours of the two bars of soap are gorgeous, I especially like the tea tree soap. I believe colour plays a huge part in whether we are drawn to a product. All of Valley Mill's soaps are made using natural ingredients and are free from chemicals.

The soaps cost £4 and come in 100g chunks, these would make perfect birthday presents or stocking fillers at Christmas time. (Uh oh, I said the C-word)

Valley Mill also sell grapefruit and fennel soap, rosemary and lime soap, orange and cinnamon soap and lavender and citronella. 

The company also sells a range of other goodies including candles, slate house signs, kitchen ware and baby items. 

(Products sent for review)


  1. These look really nice! Nothing can beat a good handmade soap. That tea tree and witch hazel one sounds great - especially as it has been really good to your skin. :)

    1. Thanks hun, I just love that smell too! x


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