Friday, 19 June 2015

Feather and Bone Face Gems: Natural Cleansing Treatment

I stared down at the small tablet which resembled a health supplement and wondered how on earth this product was going to turn into a face wash.

I was amazed at how the Feather & Bone Face Gems turned from a tiny tablet into a smooth paste once added with water. It was this paste which gave my entire face and neck a deep clean.

I have to admit the texture and consistency felt strange at first especially since I am used to using my foaming cream cleanser. 

The Face Gems come in foil sealed packets and you just pop one out as and when you need it. One gem is plenty to cleanse your entire face and neck. A few drops of water to the tablet helps it dissolve into a smooth paste. It was quite therapeutic swishing the gem around with water in the palm of the hand and watch it transform into a paste.

Ingredients in each gem include Sandalwood, Fuller's Earth and starch. Sandalwood acts as the cleanser, the Fuller's Earth acts as an exfoliator while the starch is the moisturiser.

Sandalwood is a natural antiseptic agent which Feather & Bone claims gives the skin a natural glow while removing dirt from pores. The company also said Sandalwood has anti-aging properties.

Fuller's Earth: Exfoliator

The ingredient Fuller's Earth helps improve blood circulation while removing those pesky black and white heads we all dread. Feather & Bone also claim this ingredient helps tone the skin.

Starch is a natural moisturiser and also helps relieve itchy skin while cooling the face. 

One gem provides a full face wash routine, it cleanses, tones, exfoliates and moisturisers in one go. Ideal if you are against the clock. These tablets would also be great to take on holiday because they are so light and won't weigh down your bag like bottles would.

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(I was sent a few Face Gems for review)


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    1. Thanks! they are so unusual but do a great job x

  2. what an interesting product! never seen anything similar before but I like the list of active ingredients, they do work! xx

    1. Thanks hun! yes, it was strange to start with, but love the concept x


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