Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Not On The High Street: J &S Jewellery

My mum and my husband celebrate their birthdays on the same day. Today, June 16. Since having had my baby I have not managed to get out and about to do birthday present shopping. 
Shopping online for their presents was the only way. 

I had bought items from Not On The High Street before but forgot to take pictures and blog about what I bought before I gave them away.

This was one of the gifts I got for my mum this year from Not On The High Street.

This is a birthday infinity bracelet from J & S Jewellery. You can choose a letter on the star for who the bracelet is intended for. You can also pick different colour Swarovski crystals on part of the infinity symbol. The bracelet is part of J &S Jewellery's Love and Infinity collection.

I chose light amethyst crystals and a lilac organza draw string gift bag.
The birthday infinity bracelets by this company were exclusively designed for Not On The High Street.

According to J &S Jewellery light amethyst crystals are associated with the month of June and represents happiness and purity.

The bracelet is from my baby as a present to his grandma. 

Have you bought anything from Not On The High Street before? If so what did you think of the website?


  1. That bracelet is really cute - they always have lovely things at Not On The Highstreet. :)

    1. Thanks hun! Yes, I have found some amazing gifts on that website, I love that they have some really unusual items x


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