Saturday, 13 June 2015

Freeman: Feeling Beautiful Facial Masks

Face masks are a staple in my bathroom cabinet. There is such a wide variety of masks in the shops to choose from. From exfoliating and peel off masks to traditional clay and heating masks. I have tried a fair few but love coming across new products to try out.

Recently I have been testing out these two masks from Freeman during my weekly pamper evenings. 

These masks are the Feeling Beautiful Facial Enzyme Mask Pineapple and Feeling Beautiful Dead Sea Minerals Anti-Stress Mask. These are both travel size packs and so are perfect for popping in your handbag for a weekend away or for a pamper session on holiday. They are light-weight and take up no room so would be ideal for a pamper evening away from home. 

How colourful, inviting and eye-catching is the packaging? Good packaging which draws me in straight away has always been one of the factors which entices me to a product. 

The pineapple mask is an exfoliating masks which helps to gently buff away dead skin cells to leave your skin soft and smooth. I found the granules to give a more gentle exfoliation so this mask would be ideal for an inbetween treat in the week if you already use a regular exfoliator in your skincare routine. 

The mask is great for normal to combination skin and is paraben free.

The dead sea minerals face mask was my favourite out of the two. For me the scent was what really drew me to this mask. It has that warming, comforting smell which reminds me of a spa. This mask felt much heavier and had a thicker consistency than the pineapple mask on the skin. The dead sea minerals mask would be great for a pamper evening on a cold winter night. Again, this mask is paraben free.

With both masks I found my skin didn't break out in painful spots whereas a few other face masks do. They didn't leave my skin feeling dry and tight afterwards which was also a bonus. 

Each cost £1.50 but there are full size tubes available for £5.99.

The Freeman UK website has a huge selection of masks to choose from including an Avocado and Oatmeal mask, a Charcoal and Black Sugar polishing mask and Chocolate and Strawberry masks.

They also sell a Honeydew and Chamomile Sleeping Mask which has a similar concept to The Body Shop Bouncy Sleeping Mask. With both products you cleanse the skin and apply the mask to sleep in overnight. 

The Body Shop overnight mask costs more than £20 while the Freeman Feeling Beautiful option is £5.99. A cheaper alternative if you fancy trying an overnight mask out. These masks can also be found in Tesco as well as the Freeman UK website. The Freeman UK website also sells beauty products for the body and feet. 

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Have you ever tried these face masks? If not give them a try and if you aren't sure which mask to try perhaps have a go at the travel size packs before you make up your mind. 

(*Face masks sent for review)

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