Sunday, 17 May 2015

Nail polish jewellery

I had bought a stunning bracelet made from holographic nail polish by Gingerkitty Designs a few years ago and ever since then I have wanted to get crafty and try making my own jewellery. 

I ordered some glass cabochons, earring posts, butterfly backings and ring mounts. I thought it would be a nice hobby to get into while on maternity leave.

This was my first attempt at making my own studs and matching ring using one of my fav nail polishes.

I used Mystical Dragon by Fashionista to create a matching jewellery set. This duochrome polish was perfect for making jewellery as it shifts different colours in the light going from a teal green to emerald to light blue.

The process itself was easy and didn't take long at all, infact the longest part of the process was being patient and waiting for the nail polish and glue to dry before going on to the next step. 

I can't wait to try different glitter and flakie polishes to make more pieces. I might try water marble and Konad printing on the glass gems. A lot of DIY and craft projects will be trial and error, but for a first attempt I am pretty pleased with how this set turned out. 

Have you ever made your own jewellery? If so, what methods to do use and what have you made? Send me your links to your DIY posts, I would love to read them. 


  1. I have tried this lots of times, but mine never look as pretty! :) Love that shade! xo

    1. Thankyou, what polishes have you tried? x

  2. These look Gorgeous, I love the Colour : ) x


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