Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Violet Plum Jewellery - Silver Glitter Quartz Ring

Sometimes less really is more. I know that phrase usually comes into play with makeup, however, I find it applies equally well to jewellery especially in the summer. At the moment I am loving something sparkly which catches the eye in the sunshine rather than bold statement pieces.

This Silver Glitter Quartz Ring from Violet Plum Jewellery is dainty and looks gorgeous with a simple French manicure or delicate pastel nail polish. 

This gorgeous piece contains a segment of glitter quartz on a thin double banded silver plated ring. A lot of rings in the shops at the moment have chunky bands and so this delicate piece is unique in my jewellery collection. 

The glitter quartz ring looks different depending on the lighting, sometimes the gem seems a deep navy blue colour and other times it looks purple or black. The glitter within the stone gives it a little something extra too. 

What's more everyone who buys this ring will have a unique piece of jewellery because each segment of quartz is a one off and therefore will vary in size and shape. 

If deep and vampy coloured gems aren't your style then Violet Plum Jewellery has lots of other stones and styles of ring to choose from. The independent business also sell other delightfully dainty rings including their Silver Rose Quartz Bead Ring, Silver Green Jade Bead Ring and Silver Apatite Ring.

Of course the company boast more than just finger bling, they also stock necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Not only is their jewellery unique it is purse friendly. They offer worldwide shipping and free delivery on orders above £30.

I have already written a post all about the background of Violet Plum Jewellery. To recap the company was created by a lovely lady called Jasmin earlier this year. She had spent a long time travelling around not only the UK but also Spain in order to gather inspiration for types of jewellery to add to the collection.

Click here to go to the Violet Plum Jewellery website

Follow the team on Twitter via @violetplumjewel

(*Ring sent for review)

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