Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Violet Plum Jewellery: Affordable fashion treats

                   Jewellery is one of the quickest and easiest ways to instantly jazz up any outfit. I love finding fledgling jewellery businesses, especially ones which have pieces which don't break the bank.

I came across Violet Plum Jewellery on Twitter and got chatting with the company's founder Jasmin who has a background in social media marketing, retail and customer service. Jasmin said it had always been a dream of hers to launch a jewellery shop "full of exquisite, different, unique jewellery which appeals to a wide range of women". 

Jasmin said: "I had always felt that jewellery can help individuals to express themselves. Women can use jewellery to show their personalities through beauty and feel empowered by looking and feeling confident."

The Violet Plum Jewellery founder had spent months travelling Spain and southern England in a bid to gather inspiration for website design and types of jewellery to add to her collections.

Here are just a few goodies on the website which was launched earlier this year:

(Pictures by Violet Plum Jewellery)

The Skull Bangle is gold-plated and costs £4.50, the Simple Circle Bracelet is 16k gold-plated and costs £13.50 and is handmade in California, the Bow Midi Ring costs £2 and the Eye Midi Ring also costs £2. 

How pretty are these pieces? My fav piece on their website at the moment is the gold bar necklace, simple and delicate. Violet Plum Jewellery sells a range of pieces from earrings to rings and bracelets to necklaces. 

Violet Plum Jewellery can be found at and their twitter page is @violetplumjewel

What do you think of these affordable pieces? 


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