Monday, 30 March 2015

The Little Stork & My Given Name: Personalised children's books

 I have reached my 36th week of pregnancy and boy has it been a long 36 weeks. This is my first baby and am in the final stretch of pregnancy. 

For the last month my health has been up and down, I have high blood pressure and am taking beta-blockers twice a day in a bid to lower it. On top of that I have been having two sets of blood tests a week as well as BP monitoring and scans. It will all be worth it in the end. 

My husband and I have been busy getting the nursery prepared, family and friends have been generous with clothes and toys for the baby.

I am a huge fan of personalised things for children and this gorgeous book, The Little Stork & My Given Name, is no exception. 

My husband and I are due a little boy and we decided to call him Joshua. The Little Stork & My Given Name is a book created and written by author Kevin Tyler while the colourful illustrations are created by Pushan Chakravarty. 

The books are created around your child's full name, gender and ethnicity and is suitable for reading ages three to eight years old but of course you can read this book to your newborn and it makes a lovely keepsake for the nursery. 

The book itself is jam-packed with colourful characters and messages for the child which are connected to their names. The affirmations are full of positive messages and beliefs which the creators say will help build confidence and self esteem. 

The story is created around a stork called Bindee who thinks he can't fly, he is on a mission to visit a great wizard to take Joshua's birth certificate and deliver him home. During Bindee's journey he meets some lovable creatures who help him on his journey. 

During the book we learn that Bindee is able to fly if only he had some positive mental attitude - another great way to teach children that anything is possible if they put their minds to it. 

The story of Bindee and the My Given Name books was created by Kevin Tyler who has spent his career in the design and print industry. 

Kevin said: "I did not wanted to create just another personalised kids' book that simply overlays a child's name. I wanted a truly engaging story, magical characters and something can have real positive influence on children. This book, I believe, will set new standards. It will be truly inclusive and inspirational." 

Ordering your book on the My Given Name website is super simple. You just type in your child's name, select their gender and ethnicity and away you go. Once ordered your book should be with you within four to six days and postage within the UK is free. Books themselves cost £16.99.

You can also find Kevin on Twitter @MyGivenName

I can't wait for Joshua to arrive, I believe reading to your child early on helps with bonding, routine and their own literacy skills. 

(Huge thank you to Kevin for creating and sending me a book to review)

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