Saturday, 21 March 2015

What's in my Pregnancy Hospital Bag - bathroom essentials

Having seen a load of What's in My Bag style videos and posts I thought I would do my own one with a little twist as this post will show you what I am taking to hospital for when baby boy decides to make an appearance. 

At the moment I am 35 weeks +2 days into my first pregnancy. I have been a little poorly during the last few weeks because I have high blood pressure and am taking two beta-blocker tablets a day in a bid to try and lower it. 

I am only two weeks away from being classed as full term, even though my estimated due date for baby is April 23, I have a feeling little boy will make an appearance early. 

With that in mind I figured I should start packing my hospital bag for me, baby and hubby.

This post is all about bathroom essentials for going into hospital.

When you pack for labour it can be tricky to know how much to pack. Depending on what kind of delivery I have will depend on how long the hospital stay will be. If I end up having a C-Section I could be in hospital for a few days. These toiletries will keep me going for a week.

We have:

Crest toothbrush kit with brush and toothpaste
Listerine Total Care mouthwash
X2 Halo deodorant wipe packs 
Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean foaming face wash mini
Rose Jam mini showergel from Lush
Rainforest Moisture hair butter from The Body Shop
Milla Maddern peach and passionfruit lip balm
L'Oreal Elvive Colour Protect mini shampoo
Mitchum Ultimate 48 hour deodorant stick
Ear plugs, nail file, hair ties and kirby grips
Andrex wet toilet wipes

I live about a 20 min drive from hospital, so if I end up being in there longer than a few days hubby or mum can come to my aid with extra bathroom essentials. 

Staying in hospital for any reason is a bit of a drag so having some little home comforts can make the trip more comfortable.

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