Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Knick Knack - monthly jewellery subscription box by Alphabet Suitcase

We have all seen monthly subscription boxes from brands including Glossy Box, Birch Box and Pink Parcel. 

The latest subscription box to catch my eye is from jewellery and accessories company Alphabet Suitcase. 

Recently the company introduced their monthly jewellery subscription box Knick Knack. Each month there is a different theme. I tried out the fast food themed box which was jam-packed with fun accessories.

Here we have hotdog and pancake hair grips, a ice-cream cone necklace, cheese burger stud earrings, macaroon charm, cream tart lip gloss, blue star kirby grip and a little jelly burger sweet to chomp on.

The only clue you get each month is the theme of the box, the Kawaii box is due to be released on March 28. 

Each box costs £20 and contains 3-5 pieces of jewellery or accessories. Each piece has been designed, sourced or created by Alphabet Suitcase.

The junk food box has lots of colourful, fun and quirky pieces, which are great for making a statement. I have to say the cheese burger studs are my fav pieces in the box. I love the amount of detail, from the beef burgers to the green lettuce and slices of cheese poking out of the sesame seeded burger bun. 

Alphabet Suitcase launches each new box on the 28th of each month via their Facebook and Twitter pages. The company has an Etsy store as well as a website. The goodies may differ in each box, something which I like because there is more of an element of surprise. 

Alphabet Suitcase will give a sneaky peek at each box in the run up to each month's release.  

The company also sells individual pieces as well as their Knick Knack boxes. All their goodies are affordable with many items well-under £10. 

Find them at their Etsy store

Twitter - @AlphabetEtsy

Their website is 

*I was sent a box to review


  1. oo that looks fab x I'm definitely going to look into it x thanks for the heads up x

  2. Such a great idea that's a little different to the standard, subscription boxes out there! I love those hair grips!

    Alice from Alice Grace Beauty


    1. They are fabulous aren't they? Just nice to have something a bit quirky and different! x


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