Friday, 27 March 2015

Easter treats: Valentine Hearts: Lush pamper products

Spring has most definitely sprung. With that in mind a couple of trips to Lush were in order. There are no Lush shops in North Devon. The closest are Exeter and Plymouth, so when I visit those cities I have to stop by their Lush stores. 

I picked up Golden Egg, Granny Takes A Dip, Bubblegum lip scrub, Therapy massage bar, Dragon's Egg, Big Blue, Bubblegrub and Lonely Heart.

Ah, so many beautiful products.

Dragon's Egg bathbomb £3.35 and Granny Takes A Dip bathbomb £3.35.

On the outside Dragon's Egg looks plain and unexciting, however, this bomb sure packs a punch. It fizzles away and turns the bath water a yellowish-gold colour and smells of lemon and jasmine. Quite refreshing. Similar to the Cinders bathbomb, Dragon's Egg contains popping candy, though I couldn't really detect any snap, crackle and pops. 

Granny Takes A Dip bathbomb never fails to catch my eye in the shop. Likewise, in the bathtub, this product turns your bath water multicolours. Definitely a fun bath with lemon and ginger scents wafting through. Refreshing and warming at the same time. 

Big Blue bathbomb £3.35 and Bubblegrub bubble bar £2.95.

I hadn't tried Big Blue before but the deep colour caught my attention. It is a calming and relaxing bomb which leaves the bathwater soft and silky. According to Lush's website Big Blue contains sea salt which helps soften the skin to buff away dead skin cells. Anything which helps smooth the skin is all good in my books.

How adorable is the Bubblegrub bubble bar? I like the price on this chap, at £2.95 it is one of the cheaper bath time treats at Lush. 
Not only does this product create lots of bubbles when crumbled under the tap, it also helps make the water silky soft - due to the shea butter - lovely stuff.

Therapy massage bar £6.50 Bubblegum Lip Scrub £5.50

This bar is a fairly hefty size and has little knobs (is that the right word) on top to give your skin a good massage while the product starts to melt on the skin. The bar smells sweet as it contains cocoa and shea butters which help leave the skin silky soft. I am going to take this with me to hospital when I go into labour. It also contains lavender oil, so hopefully hubby can use it on my back in a bid to calm me down. 

I have written posts about Bubblegum lip scrub many times, so I won't waffle on too much. I feel this is a love it or hate it product as it is super sweet, very similar to Snow Fairy shower gel. It helps buff away dry skin on your lips. I tend to use this at night before applying lip balm. 

Lonely heart bubblebar £3.50 and Golden Egg bathbomb melt £3.75

The Lonely Heart bubblebar was part of the Valentine collection for 2015 so is not available in shops now. This was quite a small bubblebar but I still manage to divide it up into three baths. It turned the bathwater a deep red colour which was laced with golden shimmer. There was a strong scent of citrus which I found light and refreshing. 

Ah, Golden Egg bathbomb melt, you look gorgeous, but you make cleaning the tub afterwards a pain! This is a recurring product, I remember Lush bringing it out last Easter and there weren't many left when I visited the shop, so it seems a popular choice with customers. 

The product happily fizzes away like a bomb but then mellows out to melt and turn the water soft and smooth. 
The product contains orange oils so is a welcome change from all the lemon scented products I picked up. According to Lush's website the product also contains cocoa which helps release the toffee scent - I couldn't detect a strong sweet/toffee smell but nonetheless I loved this product. It is nice to have a limited edition product under the £4 mark as well. 

When I buy a Lush bath product I like to make them last as long as possible. I take them out of their paper bags and put them into plastic freezer bags for storage, I find they retain their colour and scent longer this way. I will always divide the products up so I get more than one use out of them. Lush is quite expensive and some goodies cost around £6 so it is wise to make your purchases go that extra mile. 


  1. So many beautiful Lush products, so little time. I really love the look of that Golden Egg melt! Great post!xx

    Honeypot Blogs

  2. I love granny takes a dip and agree the glittery ones make the bath a pain to clean! x

    1. Thanks hun! Yes, esp the orange/yellow ones! x


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