Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Colour Chrome Body Tattoos: Models Own

 Wow, I haven’t seen or used temporary tattoos since I was about 13.

So when a press release about these new metallic tattoos from High Street shop Models Own landed in my inbox I was a little shocked.

Models Own said “Perfect for no-fuss glam on the beach of at a festival.” Ok, I agree for a festival, but for the beach? In my opinion, getting all glammed up for a day at the beach is a no, no. I was brought up next to the coast so perhaps I have taken the beach for granted. However, the thought of using these, or any makeup for that matter, on a hot summer’s day at the beach makes me cringe a little.

These are available on the Models Own website for £4.99.

I have to say there is a good selection of designs included in each packet and the price means they won’t break the bank.

I would say these definitely have a place for a festival or fancy dress.

What do you think of the latest product release from Models Own?

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