Sunday, 15 February 2015

"Say crack again" "crack"

Around a year or so ago it seemed the world and his brother were obsessed with crackle top coats. I loved wearing a black or purple crackle polish over the top of a bright base. 
I hadn't worn a crackle polish for months so decided to dust off my Barry M fav for this mid-week manicure.

Here we have two coats of Barry M's Strawberry Ice Cream and two coats of Blue Moon, again by Barry M. 

Some people have trouble with crackle top coats, my advice is to make sure your base coat is totally dry. If you are too impatient and put the crackle on when the base is still tacky it won't work as well. I always put a top coat on over crackle polishes to restore the glossy finish. 

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