Sunday, 26 October 2014

Pregnancy - Those first few weeks - Don't freak out

A few days ago I posted my most exciting news to date. My husband and I are expecting our first baby in April 2015. Trying to conceive and those first few weeks of early pregnancy were filled with dread, anxiety and worry.

I searched around on the internet for some words of comfort and advice and couldn't find much in way of blogs. Normal people going through normal pregnancy worries. I want to change all that, I am going to write a pregnancy post once a week on what I am going through and how I coped. 

When we made the decision to come off contraception to start a family I naively thought I would get pregnant straight away, or at least a couple of months of trying. Wrong. It took us nine months. 

Now, nine months doesn't seem like long to someone on the outside, but at the time it seemed forever. I was looking around and seeing teenage mums popping children out without even a blink. I would hear of people having children after forgetting to take one pill in their pack. Why was it taking us so long.

It seemed the more we wanted it, the more stressed out we became. We did everything, eating right, DTD (doing the deed) every other day which is what doctors recommend. Nothing seemed to work. We were both taking his and hers tablet supplements. 

I then started worrying, what if this was all pointless? What if we couldn't physically have children? Our GP told us they wouldn't even consider doing tests until we had been trying to conceive for a least 18 months. That didn't do anything to help calm us down.

In the end I tried Clear Blue's digital ovulation kits and guess what, it worked first time. 

Perhaps it was all down to timing, who knows, the body is a weird and wonderful thing.....


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