Thursday, 23 October 2014

REMEMBER: Clocks FALL back this weekend!

I thought I would do a post this week to remind all my UK friends that something very important is happening this weekend.

The clocks go back this weekend, 2am on Saturday to be exact. 

Usually digital devices, mobile phones etc work their magic on their own, but don't forget to put your watches back one hour.

Even though the nights are closing in and getting darker the clocks going back means we gain an extra hour in bed. Bonus!

BST (British Summer Time) usually starts on the final Sunday in March and finishes on the last Sunday in October. 

REMEMBER: Clocks spring forward in the spring (March) and fall back in the autumn (October)


  1. I am bound to forget this! I also always get confused not knowing which devices have changed themselves and which haven't! x

    1. I find digitals - computers, phones etc change themselves, clocks in cars etc don't but I always think something is trying to trick me! x


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