Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Graze Box - Honeycomb flapjack, popcorn, peanut butter pretzel, Texan corn salsa

I was given a voucher for a free Graze Box recently so I thought I should give the famous snacks a try. 

After creating an account I picked what kinds of snacks I like and which I don't. You can choose Bin, Try, Like, Love and Send Soon for all of the snacks Graze Box offers. I can't stand anything with banana in and I detest olives, so these snacks were quickly binned. 

It took about four days for my first box to arrive and this is what I got.

I received honeycomb flapjack, slightly sweet popcorn, peanut butter pretzel and Texcan corn salsa.

I am determined to eat these snacks instead of chomping on crisps and chocolate and my desk at work. 

I have signed up to Graze Box to have a box delivered every fortnight. The boxes cost £3.99 each. 

Are you signed up to Graze Box? If so, which snacks do love and which do you hate?

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