Monday, 30 April 2012

Pier House, Westward Ho! North Devon

Next up in my supper tours is the Pier House in Westward Ho! Yes, the town does have an exclamation mark on the end.

This is what we had:

To start we both had king prawns in filo pastry with a chilli dip, I had steak with all the trimmings, he had the pie and veg, I had creme brulee and he had the shortbread and fruit salad with clotted cream. He regretted not having the creme brulee for pudding.  We only drank water so the total cost of this meal was £49. I paid for the whole meal because my friend is a gardener and he comes round to the house and mows the lawn and sorts the weeds out in the drive way, so this supper was my thankyou to him as he won't accept payment for the work he does.


  1. this meal looks amazing - I love king prawns! :) xx

  2. Oooh, I live just down the road from The Pier House ;) We've been quite a few times and usually it's pretty good. Last time I ordered some sort of aubergine and chickpea curry and it came without half the ingredients listed on the menu! The waiter was really nice about it though, and I think my meal was free. Their desserts are yummy :)

  3. I once went on a school trip to Westward Ho! I'd forgotten it even existed! I love the exclamation mark hehe xx

  4. very interesting selections! I have never been or heard of that restuarant. nice post :)


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