Friday, 16 December 2011

Piccadilly Circus meets Blue Lagoon

I wanted to use some more polishes in my stash which I haven't tried yet, here we have Models Own Blue Lagoon and Nails inc Piccadilly Circus. I used two coats of each, but Piccadilly Circus could quite easily have been a one coater but I painted two coats on out of habit. I then used my black Andrea Fullerton dot and flick tool to just apply dots on a diagonal across each nail.

Lagoon Blue has a slight shimmer to it which I don't think is visible in the pictures, but in real life it is there, but only very subtly. Piccadilly Circus was a pain to photograph! In some lights it looks more pink, other times it has a plum ish appearance and other times it looks more red. According to the Nails inc web site this is a cerise shade.

Ooooh actually, the shimmer in Blue Lagoon is showing up in the picture above quite nicely. 

I think maybe I should try and do more posts on polishes which have been sitting in my collection for a while which I haven't tried before!


  1. You can really see the shimmer in the blue on the close up pic, it's gorgeous. :) X


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