Sunday, 18 December 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

How fast is December going? Actually, scrap that, the whole of 2011 has gone so fast! Picture heavy post full of Christmas photos I have taken.

Ok, these were taken last Christmas but I wasn't blogging then so I will share now. Every year at work we have a Christmas pod competition. People who work on the same desk (or pod) decorates it to win a prize. My work partner and I created this.

A cardboard house with lights, snow topped roof and candy cane and biscuit windows. Other people could then take these and dip them into the chocolate fountain. We also put out marshmallows and fruit. Unfortunately, we didn't win.

Other people did a Shrek manger and a don't drink and drive scene. There were lots of other pods decorated but I didn't manage to get pictures of everyone.

Quality Street tin of chocolates, my favs are the purple ones, followed by strawberry creme! I actually love coffee chocolates which I know lots of people don't, wish Quality Street had some in there! 

Frosted mint and Black Forest hot chocolates, with whipped cream of course! I had the BF one and Luke had the FM. I had a chocolate tiffin slice and he had the creme brulee cup cake. Both gorgeous! 


  1. I know what you mean 2011 have flown in!!! :) lovely post :) xox

  2. What a great Christmas post. I'm looking forward to Christmas now. :)

    I tagged you in the Top 10 beauty award! :D
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