Friday, 16 September 2011

Quick and easy office make up

Recently for work I have been playing around with using different colours over a liquid black eye liner. This time I have been opting for Barry M dazzle dust in lilac. 

After applying my usual base of Maxfactor Smokey eye effects in white I applied Sin by Urban Decay all over by lid. 

Then lined my upper lash line using a Smashbox black liquid eyeliner and waited for it to dry, next I apply the dazzle dust over the top on a damp angled brush.

I like the way having a different shadow over of the black liquid liner can be a quick and simple yet colourful way of jazzing up office (or everyday) makeup. Having a splash of colour makes a refreshing change to having it all over the lid.


  1. Love this look <3 perfect for office wear!!!

  2. That's such a great idea! Looks beautiful on you!

  3. Thank you, that is really nice thing to say :-) x

  4. Pretty! :-) UD "Sin" eyeshadow is one of my favourites. :-)

  5. omg your eyelashes! they're so long!I thought you were wearing falsies on the first pic >.< you're lucky to have such a beautiful eye=D

  6. Wow, thanks everyone for all the great comments x

  7. I love your eyes and Lashes!
    i liked all the products that you used!
    glad i came across your blog!!
    i would love to follow you hun..
    let's keep in touch! let me know ^^


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