Sunday, 18 September 2011

Andrea Fulerton - Beatrice

I hope you have all had a good weekend? I went up to Birmingham, Saturday was spent shopping, Sunday was spent at a video games convention/ exhibition. I will do another post on that soon though.

I recently received some Andrea Fulerton nail polishes to try out, I was eager to try out Beatrice  the most. This colour really stood out to me because it is primarily a deep purple but then in the right light it had glimmers of red with blue lurking round the the edges of the bottle.

Painted on the nail it is a rich burgundy shade in most lights, but other times it does lean more towards purple, unfortunately the flashes of other colours didn't show on the nail. 

See how it now looks more purple here than the picture above?

I really like this polish, it is a great autumn/winter shade and I don't think I own anything else like it. The polish itself applied well, I found the first coat was quite streaky but a second coat smoothed everything out. The brush is thin which I prefer as I find it easier to apply the varnish, thicker brushes such as Nicole by OPI I find tricky to work with.
These pictures are taken without a topcoat, for me the shine of the finish of the polish is fantastic, especially in the final picture.

These bottles of polish are around £4.99 and Superdrug stock the range. Have you tried any of the polishes from Andrea Fulerton? I have a couple more bits to try out so some more reviews are on their way.


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