Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The glittering sunset

I went out with one of my friends for a meal last night, we had Mexican and it was lovely. Well, apart from the fact the restaurant charged us £4 for ketchup and mayo! I have never been charged that much for sauces! I also thought it was bad practice that the waitress didn't tell us about this extortionate charge. Has anyone else ever come across this before?!

For supper I wore a simple black dress and used my hair extensions for the first time.

This is the eye look I created for the night, I wanted to use bright summer colours and glitter.

To create this look I used orange and yellow from the Sleek acid i-divine palette and Maui Wowie, a lovely gold shade from Urban Decay. To finish I used Power Ballad from Urban Decay which is a dense multi coloured glitter on a clear base. I love this! it creates a gorgeous glittery sheen over the eye lid and once it dries it does not budge all night.
I then finished with my fav mascara, Maybelline falsies.


  1. I love the look... so pretty! I really want to try hair extensions one day and even more so now that I've seen yours. Beautiful!

    As far as the restaurant goes, I've never been charged for sauces in a Mexican restaurant before and I've been to many, many, many of them. (We have A LOT in my area, lol.) Do you guys have a lot of Mexican restaurants where you're from?

  2. your eyes are stunning, love the colours, so summery :) and that is extortionate, if the waitress didn't tell you, you shouldn't have had to pay. nowhere i've ever been to has charged that much! xx

  3. Oh my word ive never in my whole life been charged for sauce... and at £4.00 im astonished. You could buy a whole bottle for that.
    On the plus side you look fabulous x x

  4. Really lovely look <3
    that's really too much for those things..but I don't get it why should anyone order ketchup and mayo in a mexican? xD

  5. you have such pretty lashes. I love that sparkley lid color you have on too.

  6. ouch, why in the world would they charge that much for condiments?? jesus

    pretty look though


  7. WOW that is gorgeous! A lot of people can't pull off bright colors but this looks great on you!

  8. LOVE power ballad... It's almost like a flakie finish, but for your eyelids :)


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