Friday, 10 June 2011

Bright purple white stars

Here is a simple manicure I created when I was pushed for time, I used two coats of Bright Purple by Nabi. This is one of the polishes Nicole from Noir Lacquer sent me for my birthday.

The polish applied very well, although I would say the polish looks more pink than purple, it didn't take long to dry either. I then stamped a a star design on each nail from Konad plate M15 with the Konad's white special polish. 

See what I mean, it is definitely more pink than purple....

I hadn't used this design from my Konad kit before, I tend to favor the full nail stamps, but I really like how this turned out. I am keen to get the bundle monster plates to see how they stand up against Konad. 


  1. I seriously want konad! It just adds that little bit of extra craftiness :). Love the mani!

  2. Cute! The pink looks nice on you. :)

  3. Very pretty! Thats strange how the name is bright purple but the color is no where near purple its pink. but the color is beautiful!(:

  4. Yah, I love how some of the Nabi polish names are waaaay off!


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