Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Bubble White fail

My nails were starting to become a little stained so I bought the Bubble White nail brightener/ cleaner. I had heard some good things about this nail soak and thought I would give it a try.

My nails before using the soak:

My nails after the soak:

I don't know what your guys think, but I don't really see much of a difference? or maybe I am being too critical and expecting too much.

I poured the powered contents of the packet into a medium sized bowl and filled the bowl a little way with warm water. The powdered fizzed up and turned the water cloudy, this soon settled. I soaked my nails for 5 minutes like the instructions stated.

The product made the water slightly oily which I liked, when I took my hands out of the water and dried them, my cuticles did feel softer. I am not so convinced it actually did anything to brighten the orangey staining though. I took a nail brush after the 5 minute soak to remove any  grimy bits.

I got the packet from my local Sallys for a couple of pounds so I am not too upset that the product didn't make much of a difference. Has anyone else used this? If so how did you find it? Is there another brightening/ whitening product you would recommend?


  1. To be honest i also don't see much diference

  2. Nahhh i cant see much difference either chick... shame tho :( x x

  3. To be honest I've never heard about product like this. I'm always putting basecoat before the actual nail polish and it does help preventing coloured/yellow nails.

    Thank you Following me and leaving a lovely comment - it means a lot! :) X

  4. I can't remember who it was now, I've seen it a few times.
    But a fair few bloggers use denture tablets!
    Just a random link I pulled up on Google;
    Also use a base coat! I really like the Seche Vite from Sally's.

  5. I was suprised at how little water you are supposed to mix with the powder. The instructions say to use one third of a cup of water with the package contents. I got nice results with this! Maybe you mixed too much water in? I don't know! I'm curious to know how well denture tablets work!

  6. I never heard about this! I always have healthy and good looking nails though... So I wouldn't be needing this. X


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