Thursday, 19 May 2011

The girl is awesome

So after my first swap with the fab Nicole at Noir Lacquer I have to admit I am rather hooked with swapping! Nicole loved the polishes I sent to her a couple of months ago and so we agreed to so another swap. Last time my parcel to her took a while to reach her in America, I got really worried it had got lost or something, but it turned up almost a month after I posted it. I really hope this parcel doesn't take too long.

My parcel from Nicole was posted today and I am so so excited! I am so thrilled with what she has picked out for me. One things for sure, I can't wait for the sun to start shining, she sent me lots of holographics which are just lush.

When I first opened the package I was greeted by a letter written on Hello Kitty paper and some sweet treats.
Now onto the polishes, here is the line up:

Amazing! Here is a closer look at each of them.

Milani 3D Holographic in Hi-Res, Cyberspace, Digital and Hi-Tech. I have been eyeing these up for ages but couldn't find anywhere in the UK that sells them. Thank you Nicole for picking these up, I can't wait to try them out. They look so amazing in the bottle.

Next up is Nicole by OPI in Iceberg Lotus, Santee in Metallic Red and Sally Henson Xtream Wear in In The Spotlight. 

Next up we have three polishes from Color Club, these are so gorgeous! The deep purple is Wild at Heart, the next is a stunning silver holo called Worth The Risque, then the black polish with silver running through is called Revvvolution. Gawd I love these! 

Next up is is a gorgeous purple and blue glitter by Sinful called Frenzy, Let Me Go another polish by Sinful which is a lilac duochrome with gold and green hints. Then a polish my elf which is quite simply called Lilac. 

Then finally we have a wet n wild polish called Red Red, then an LA Girl polish in Vinyl Record which is just my kind of blue. Then we have Nabi in Teal which has a subtle sheen which is more obvious in real life. Finally we have Rose Pink from Sephora.

A massive thank you to Nicole for sending me all these incredible polishes. She has been really generous and I can't wait to see what she thinks of the varnishes I sent her.


  1. Awesome new polishes!!! :)

  2. I love the polishes! Some pretty colors in there! I also LOVE the hello panda treats!! soooooooo yummy! :D

  3. How did you manage to send nail polishes? I'm currently doing an international swap also and the polishes were apparently a no-no.

    Tell me your secretes! :D

    Linsay x

  4. Hey thankies for the reply on my blog. I had seen on various giveaways/blog sales that nail polishes weren't allowed and packages had been opened at the airport etc so I checked on the Royal Mail website. It says nail polish is a restricted item, they allow "some" to be mailed but not all although it doesn't go into detail about what that is. I think i'll head down to my post office tomorrow and find our for sure what they allow. I was worried i'd send my package to the states and it'd be opened along the way to remove the nail polish or not sent at all.

    Thanks for the info )

    Linsay x

  5. this is hysterical, anyone reading these comments will think i'm having a conversation with myself! (to clarify, we are replying via each others blogs haha)

    yeah it's all a bit confusing, i'm going to pick up the nail polish to be sent over and when I go to the post office i'll double check. I just don't want it to get removed, or get the parcel returned to me etc :S

    Linsay x

  6. hee hee, yes I am replying to Linsay on her blog :-)

  7. This is a SWAP with capital letters! So nice to have such great blogging friend! :) X

  8. Ahh! So glad you love everything! Your photos are wonderful. Can't wait to see what you sent!

    Also, regarding sending polishes in the mail: They are restricted, but when the postal worker asks if there's anything hazardous in it, I just lie and say no. I figure if I ever get caught I'll just play dumb. haha. :)


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