Monday, 16 May 2011

BYS freebie

Hope everyone is doing well? As many of you know there seemed to be a bit of an issue with blogger recently. I had created a post for Thursday May 12, it went live, then seemed to vanish. I managed to re-post last night. Did anyone else have problems posting too? I wasn't at home over the weekend so I couldn't check my posts. 

Onwards and upwards and all that! I have a BYS eyeshadow palette which contains 9 shades as well as a liquid silver glitter eye liner and a black and green liner pencil. These are freebies with the latest issue of Top Of The Pops magazine.

Here are swatches of each group of shadows:
Pretty eyes:

Bright eyes:

Party eyes:

The majority of shadows are fairly well pigmented, party eyes being the exception. For some reason these three didn't swatch as well as the rest. I will need to try a make up look with them though to give them a fair go. I really love the look of the green and blue, my favs!

Next up are the liners:

They applied well and didn't drag across my skin

There was also a card showing you how to apply the product:

Not bad for a freebie, the magazine itself cost £2.99 which I wont be keeping because I only bought it for the makeup!

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