Friday, 15 April 2011

New release for May 2011 - Collection 2000 Hot Looks nail polish

Nearly the weekend! Hope everyone has had a lovely week? I have some exciting news to share. Collection 2000 have a new set of nail polish perfect for summer. Consisting of five new shades, their Hot Looks line has pretty pastels and neutral tones. I was sent the range to test out and am pleased with the results, another triumph for Collection 2000.

The top picture is one I took, the second is the image I was e-mailed from their PR team. The shades from the second image are Fruit Loop, a gorgeous coral colour which I found to have a warmish pink undertone. Milkshake is a very neutral brown toned shade, Angel Wings is a slate grey, Lemon Soda a bright yellow without being garish and finally Candy Floss a lovely pastel pink. Here is a closer look at each polish:

Fruit Loop (46) This picture makes the polish look lighter than how it appeared in real life. On my nails it is a fabulous coral shade, the picture doesn't do it justice.

Next up is Milkshake (47) This was my least favorite shade, I find neutral tones are lost on my skin tone, they blend in too much for my liking. However this shade would be good if you wanted a light colour on your nails without being too obvious. 

Now we have Angel Wings (49) a fantastic blue ish grey, which is my favorite polish from the collection.

Lemon Soda (45) is a bright yellow, lighter than a pastel but not too in your face like a neon, this yellow is just right. I just adore the way this colour transfered on, it is a very jolly colour which I am going to be wearing a lot of in the summer. This would look great with some sort of black Konad design over the top.

Finally we have Candy Floss (48) a gorgeous warm pastel pink, another particular favorite of mine from the collection. Again this picture is not shade accurate, the polish is more pink in real life, a very light pink which would be good for summer weddings if you wanted a more delicate colour.

Overall I am impressed with Collection 2000 with this line which is due to be released May 19. The bottles will cost £1.79 each which I think is a complete bargain. 
The formula is fairly thick, so two thinner coats and you are good to go, there is no visible nail line showing through which is great. The varnishes dry very quickly and have a lovely shine, the creme formula is one of my favorite finishes for polishes. 

What do you think of this new range?

(The products in this post were provided for a review)


  1. Hmm...usually I like C2000 colours, but for some reason i'm not too excited about this collection =/ The only one I like is angel wings because it looks like a unique blue/grey colour =)

  2. Is it really wrong that I'm loving bright yellow nails at the moment?! haha xxx

  3. I like the candy floss colour very nice. AT the moment i am wearing a lot of pastel colours:)


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