Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Lush Tiny Hands - a fail for me

I was given this solid hand serum (£3.95) by a friend, I hadn't ever used a serum quite like it before so was keen to give it a try.

I like the shape of this serum, as you can see it looks like a hand, but the first thing that hit me from the bag was the smell. It is so strong, very overpowering, which I was not so keen on. I held the serum in between my hands for a few moments so the warmth from my skin could melt the solid serum. I then just rubbed it into my skin.

The actual product was not what I am used to and didn't like the way the serum felt, it was too greasy for me. The oils did make my skin smooth but I just disliked the way it felt, the oils didn't seem to sink into the skin easily, I found it just sat on the surface. It did absorb eventually, but took a while.

I think I will be giving this one a miss in future! It is the only product from Lush I have tried which I really disliked. 


  1. Thanks for that review, I was looking at the serum the other day and was hesitating. That helped! You have a lovely blog, I'm following! Have a look at mine if you've got a minute :)

  2. Thanks for the review. If the scent is to strong i would not use it as well i don't really like strong scented things.

  3. I am a super lush lover. And was so excited when my order came this morning with my new Tiny Hands in it..... till I opened it. It smells to me like a horse barn....minus the poop and stuff.... I was not very happy :_(

  4. I've got this and while I do think it sits on the skin it is great layered. Once or twice a week I use this followed by lemon cuticle butter followed by a body butter and then stick on some cotton gloves. My hands are sooooo soft after


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