Sunday, 17 April 2011

It worked!

So my first attempt at using nail foils was a massive fail, I watched videos on how to apply them and the method is very simple, but when I tried I just could not get the foil to transfer properly. The foil just applied really patchy and I couldn't get it to transfer smoothly. That was about a month ago and I just decided that I was never going to get this right. Determined not to be defeated I fished my kit out today and wanted to have another go. I am thrilled to say this time round worked, really well! I am not sure what was different, I think my base polish was the difference which might be the reason.

I painted my nails with two coats of a gold polish by Orly (sent from my swap friend Nicole over at Noir Lacquer) then painted a thin coat of the nail glue on the bottom half of my nails and waited till the glue dried clear. I cut off a section of foil and placed the piece on the nail where the glue was (colour side up) and rubbed the piece on the nail with making sure there were no lumps and bumps. Carefully lifting the paper up I was thrilled the foil had transfered. I love the way this looks, so pretty.

This time round my faith has been restored in my ability to apply foils to look semi presentable. I think the key with foils is practice and patience! 


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