Tuesday, 19 April 2011

£1.99 for 3 Accessorize shadows

I went shopping and popped into Superdrug for a few bits, I am doing another swap with Nicole soon and she has asked for some polishes from Gosh. After I had found her polishes I discovered a bargain basket filled with sets of trios of Accessorize eye shadows for £1.99. I had to pick up a set because it was such a bargain, each shadow is normally £4 each.

I picked up the one which has lilac, slate grey and a pastel green.

I swatched each shadow on my arm over a white base (Maxfactor smokey eye effect) the colour transfered really well and is extremely pigmented. The shadows themselves feel silky and creamy which I love. Am going to try them out for work this week to see how the feel on my eyes and how long they last.

I am glad I picked these up, I love a bargain when I see one and I adore the bright colours. 


  1. They were doing the same with nail polish :( I need to get my bum down to Superdrug! Pronto!

  2. WOW great find.The colours are lovely xx

  3. So, can you get your hands on Gosh Holographic? I would love to trade/swap for it! :)

  4. great find. The colours are really prety specially the green


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