Thursday, 10 March 2011

Sleek Acid i-devine Palette

So after my exciting find of shot glass ice moulds in Poundland the other day my mum and I headed down to Superdrug to stock up on make up and other bits and bobs. 

The Sleek stand in there caught my eye because in my home town they don't sell this brand in the local Superdrug. The items were all reasonably priced and I loved the look of their eye shadow palettes. They had a few palettes stocked but there was one which really blew me away and just had to try it out! That is their Acid i-devine palette 570. This palette contains 12 vibrant eyeshadows, some are matte whilst others are shimmery. It cost about £6.50 which Is very reasonable considering how many colours you get.

I started swatching the first few colours on my (bare) arm and saw that the colours were not showing as brightly as they looked in the pans....

Then I thought I would try swatching the colours over a Maxfactor smokey cream pencil which looks like this. I love this product and use it over primer before I put any eyeshadow over. For me I find it makes the shadow last longer and makes the colours appear brighter. In this case I used the white end.

Here is how the colours came out...

I love this palette! Having the white underneath made such a difference and really brought out the gorgeous bright colours. I am yet to try they on my eyes so am looking forward to trying them out. Have you ever tried Sleek? 


  1. That palette looks awesome! I love the bright colors, especially the pink! Will you do a tutorial using some of these?

  2. Hi Katie, I have replied to you on your blog :-) xx

  3. I love this palette it's perfect for the makeup looks for spring summer. I love to mix the neon's in with my other sleek palette colours :)

  4. The colours are lovely i only have 2 sleek palettes the sunset and the storm but i love them. Does the max factor smokey cream pencil crease if you use it by itself?. Thank you

  5. I haven't tried Sleek before. I really wish we had pharmacies like you guys do over there. here we don't have much. But I'm hoping to order some Sleek palettes off their website in the next month or so. Not a fan of this one personally, but there are some nice ones I'd like to try.

  6. yay i love the maxfactor eye cream pencils!! i agree they are great for priming and building colour! these shades are so bold and beautiful, i admire your bravery! cant wait to see some of the looks you create with this palette :)

  7. I love all of these colours! I'm not brave enough to use colours, but I will get there one day! :) I'm also a new blogger, only two days! :)


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