Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Models Own create crackle

This afternoon I discovered that Models Own are bringing out their own collection of crackle polishes.

As you can see they are creating their own version of the popular 'crackle' polish with 9 different colours. It is exciting to see other colours other than just white and black. They are going to be sold at £6 each (only £1 more than their usual nail polishes). I quite like the look of the pink and turquoise.

I am keen to see how Models Own have done with this as I have heard mixed reviews about the China Glaze crackle polishes which are more expensive. I have only tried the Barry M crackle polish and I didn't get on that well with it. I am willing to try Models Own's offering when they are released on April 20.

Will you be trying this out, or have you had enough of the crackle trend?

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  1. I'm intrigued by the yellow, since it seems so different from any of the other crackles out there. But I'm just so tired of seeing these crackle polishes everywhere! Kudos to MO for using different colors and not upping the price a ton, though.

  2. Oh, that is awesome that they'll have all those different colors! I love it! :) Maybe I will have to get some when they come out. I've never had/used Model's Own before!

  3. I heard about htis today, and im so excited! for me its hard to get hold of china glaze, so i welcome these with open arms, and im glad theyre using some fun colours - LOVE the look of the plum coloured one! x

  4. This is great. I only have the barry m one but the pink, white and blue look very pretty colours. Hope is not like the barry m that dryed after 4 uses :(

  5. They are all realle exciting colours!

  6. Hmmm I like the idea, I'd just be worried I would get sick of them! Although the hot pink, blue and yellow would look awesome over black! Ooooh this is exciting news!

  7. wow! gosh i cnt wait till they release it! i may buy the blue yellow and pink one ^.^ thansk for the heads up on it x x

  8. I got China Glaze Crackle and I really like it. Also I think it's cheaper than this one - or at least in the US. And you get quite a few colours such as a nice hot pink which goes great with dark coloured base. I would love to see pix of this one on the nails.


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