Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Shot glass made of ice

I went shopping with my mum the other day and stumbled across something quite cool - moulds to create your own shot glasses out of ice. I had seen these before, but never gave them much attention as they were quite expensive. However, I picked up a set of four for £1 (from Poundland)

I was really excited that I managed to find these cute novelty moulds so cheap. Now Poundland is actually quite a good place to find little gems like this in, I also really like it for brand name cleaning products. The only thing I don't like is the fact that loads of chavtastic teenagers seem to think that because the items in there are cheap their behaviour is just appalling. They talk to the staff so badly and just chuck items of the floor in the middle of the isle for other people to trip over. However, if you can brave the swams of chavs then Poundland can be a great place to discover some great items.

These moulds have a plastic shot shaped container which you fill with liquid, I opted for Sprite, next you place the lid on top (which has a sort of plastic bulge which when the liquid freezes you are left with a glass shape rather than just a solid block of ice!)

After the liquid had froze, I ran the mould under warm water for a couple of seconds to make the ice easier to remove. Once they were out I filled the shot glasses with apple juice (just for the purpose of the picture, I think this would be great with Baileys or Archers. Here is what the finished ice shot glass looked like...

After you have drunk the shot you can eat the iced shot glass, having made mine out of Sprite it was really refreshing.


  1. What a great find! I want these :D

  2. Those are so cool! I wantttt. <3

  3. That's fab! Definitely getting them :D

  4. My friend has this! We used it and it broke apart =(

  5. What a genius idea!! Thanks for posting!

  6. I love the idea of Sprite! It would make it so delicious afterwords!


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