Sunday, 20 March 2011

I hit snooze one too many times!

I love wearing eye shadow for work, but sometimes if I am running a little late, or if I don't want a full eye of colour this is what I tend to do as a quick and easy look.

I simply take one of my glitter eye liners, (or any colourful liner) and just apply it to the upper lash line and just add black mascara. This particular liner is a glitter from Urban Decay called Spandex. I love how this can jazz up a look with next to no effort needed. Ideal if you hit snooze on your alarm one too many times.

I really like this particular glitter liner from Urban Decay, it has multi coloured glitter suspended in a darkish blue base.
What is your fav quick and simply eye look?

(and here are some out of focus pictures which show the glitter more)


  1. That is gorgeous and your eyelashes are SO long! x

  2. Wow those glitters look awesome <3

  3. i love glitters, your eyelashes and the color of your eyes :-D

  4. Thanks Rakshanda, I highly recommend :-)

    Nail crazy - thanks a lot :-) xx

  5. wow, such beautiful eyes. so jealous of your eyelashes! following you honey :) xxxx

  6. this is sooo pretty and really effective you would never think it's an in a rush look :)

  7. What a simple yet beautiful look!


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