Friday, 18 March 2011

First time for foils (and a new Nubar polish)

I have never used nail foils before but have seen load of gorgeous manicures on various blogs and videos on utube which really made me want to try them out. I bought a bog standard nail glue from Amazon and two tubes of nail foils. One is called Silver Dots and is a silver pixilated foil and the other is called Wrapping Paper and consists of silver, yellow, red and purple foil stripes.

Silver Dots:

Wrapping Paper:

I haven't tried these out just yet, but am hoping to do a mani soon, my nails are still rather short at the moment. The foils cost £3.01 each from Amazon. 

Next up I bought a new polish from Nubar called Reclaim, a gorgeous green holographic polish. The polish is from their Going Green collection and costs about £8 from Amazon. I just love the look of this polish, the holo effects are amazing in the bottle and I really hope it is just as impressive on the nail.

I can't wait to try this one out! Have you come across this holo before? Have you ever tried foils? If so do you have an fav colours? xx


  1. That Nubar colour is really pretty! I always forget about being able to buy nail polishes on Amazon.

  2. I've seen that color on some blogs recently and think it is gorgeous! :) I would love to get it someday! Awesome buy! P.S. Can't wait to see your foil manicures! :)

  3. whoa thats interesting
    i like it!!


    check out my blog when you get a chance!

  4. I'd love to see how the foils turn out - never tried it myself, but love the effect! :) x


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