Thursday, 10 February 2011

£1 eyeshadow

Whilst browsing all the make up on offer in Superdrug near me I came across MUA - with a price tag of £1. Yes £1 for any item on the shelves. 
Now, I had seen this make up before, but never really gave it much thought or attention, but I thought, 'heck, I'll give it a go'. 
So I picked up three eyeshadows, one dark shimmery purple, a bright shimmery green and a lightish pastel purple.

This what they look like 

I love the deep plum shade and the bright green the most, I am yet to actually try them out on my eyes. I wonder how well they apply and how long they will last compared to some of the more expensive brands. I will test them out and post my findings here soon!


  1. That green is gorgeous!


  2. I have these colours.They are great to wear,blend lovely and stay on all day when i use a primer.
    Loving your blog xx

  3. I like that first purple, so pretty :)

  4. wow those are so pigmented!!!!! :))) I love the last shade!!!!!!!

  5. Hello R - thanks you, I have to admit I do love greens

    BeautybyPaula - Aw thanks hun, glad you like it :-) it makes me happy you like :-)

    sugar sugar - thanks lovely and thanks for commenting

    Sophie - Thanks lovely

    dust bunnies and make-up - thank you lovely

    Thanks everyone for all your kind comments, I really appreciate them xx

  6. Wow, the first two shades are nice and really pigmented! £1 is such a good deal~
    I'll be curious on how the shadows work for you xo

  7. Lovely colors especially the first one its almost a duo chrome!

  8. I'm glad we FINALLY got these! haven't been to town for ages. :D

  9. Thanks for following me! I'm following you back :) I really like the look of these eyeshadows, I actually went looking for some bits by this brand today but neither of the superdrug's near me stock it :(


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