Friday, 28 January 2011

'Relax and go with a smile'

For Christmas my mum bought me some gift vouchers for the Oak Room, a local hair and beauty salon near home. I already knew what kind of treatment I wanted, something relaxing and soothing. With such a long list of massages to choose from I was spoilt for choice, from a Swedish massage and Indian head massage to reiki, hot rocks and reflexology. 

In the end I opted for the aromatherapy full body massage. The price for an hour is £30 but for an extra £5 you can have an hour and a half and also get a facial and scalp massage, so I went for the hour and half.

I have had many massages in the past, but my last one put me off. See I used to do a lot of gymnastics in my teens and now I suffer with an achy lower back. I went to a chiropractor who told me from being so flexible from the gym the ligaments inbetween each vertebrae had stretched and they only thing I could do would be exercises to strengthen the core muscles.

Anyways I had a deep massage at another salon a while ago and it hurt so much and an hour later I was covered in bruises. I couldn't lie on my back to sleep that night. Surely she wasn't meant to break the skin to make it bruise like that?! Needless to say, I have not had another massage at that place since.

This morning I met Clare my masseuse at the Oak Room, she led me to the treatment room which had such a relaxing atmosphere, with crisp white linin blinds, dim lighting and a warm glow coming from the fire. She asked the usual health questions and left me to undress and get under the towels on the (heated) massage table whilst she went to mix the oils.

The massage was definitely the best I have ever had, she applied just enough pressure to feel soothing but to make me think ouch. She massaged each leg, and foot, then worked her way up to my back, shoulders and neck. I felt a few knots which she soon got rid off. I then turned over whilst she held the towel to protect my modesty! She then massaged the front of my legs and then arms. The facial was lovely and the oils felt silky, not greasy, my skins feels so soft now which I love.

Afterwards Clare got me some water and allowed me as much time as I needed to sit up and get dressed. (I sometimes found from other salons if there was a client after me I felt as though I was being rushed to leave) This was this morning and I still feel relaxed, think I will be having a nap this afternoon as I can't be bothered to do anything else!
All in all a wonderful experience and I really want to go back soon to try some more treatments. Have you ever had a massage? What did you think? worth the money? x

Thanks mum for my vouchers :-)

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