Saturday, 29 January 2011

Frontcover to go eye shadow book

Around about October/November time the shelves at Boots are stocked with gift sets and special edition make up and bath sets. With eye catching bright packaging and glitter products galore so many of us are happy to part with our cash to get our hands on some of these products.

After Christmas though comes the sales and often prices are slashed by half (who doesn't love a bargain? I treated my bad self and stocked up!) But then in a final push we can sometimes find goodies at 75% off. This is where my mum bought me a surprise.

Frontcover to go eyeshadow palette were being sold in Boots at 75% off the original price (I later found out was £35). So mum grabbed two, one for her and one for lucky me. 

I was thrilled when I opened it up to discover a whole range of gorgeous colours, 20 to be exact. From lush greens and shimmering silvers and golds to sultry midnight blues and deep plums. I was a little bit excited to crack this bad boy open and see what I had to work with. 

I have taken a swatch from each shade, going across from left to right, so here we go....

Tarn Green, Bright Aqua, Azimuth, Moondust, See The Stars

Silver Dollar, Powder Puff, Frosted Almond, Pale Gold and Copper Coin

From the pressed selection of the eyeshadows - Plovers Egg and Nine Moon (creates a dark green)  Bayou and Midnight (creates a wonderful blue) Peaches N Cream and Holly berry (creamy peachy pink) Limeade and Choc Ice (brownish green) and lastly Magic Banana and Goose Down (a light yellow with a creamy tone)

Finally we have some lovely shimmery shadows with a hint of glitter
Twinkling Grape, Black Spark, Twinkling Gold, then we have Citonella Crush and Ginger Spice.

Wow, what a list and all in one book, I already love the green and blue toned shadows.
Now I know that Frontcover brought out similar eyeshadow books before but lots of people have commented how they hated how bulky the book was and how it was not portable at all. So with this in mind this particular book (as suggest in its name 'Frontcover to go') you can take your favorite 4 colours with you to pop into your bag.

You also get a compact where you can pop out 4 shadows from the main book with a mini info booklet to keep so you know which colours you have taken with you for reference. Also a handy mirror and a mini double ended artificial bristled brush, good for touch ups on the go, a night out, or weekend away. You also get a 'shadow line liquid' which you can mix with any of these shadows to create an eye liner.

Overall I love this book, good range of colours and love the fact that you can create your own compact of colours to take out and about. Going to have a bit of an experiment later and see what looks I can come up with. x


  1. I love those. Need to try Front Cover really. Everyone says these are fab!

  2. How sweet of your Mum! The colors are gorgeous, I especially like the second row from the top, lovely!!

  3. Hi Bicky, thanks hun, to be honest I had never used this before either and really I only used it as it was bought for me, but good products though and saturated colours. I guess that is how you discover new brands, recommendation or my gifts :-)

    Hi Popblush, thankyou for your comment :-) yes I really like the shimmery ones too :-) Hope you are well.

  4. I have a front cover palette (can it even be called a palette?!) from a few years ago and I love it, been meaning to get a few more, I seen there were 75% off in January but I forgot to go back for one, damn.


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