Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Furry four legged friends

I am definitely a cat lover. 
I begged my parents to let me have a kitten when I was little, they finally gave in after much persuasion and  a little black and white fur ball was brought into our home. I called him soggy (proper name Tom kitten)

He lived to the grand old age of 16 when, he had to be put to sleep. The most horrible decision I have ever had to make, but the vet said it would be kinder as he was so so ill. My whole family was distraught  and it took a long time to grieve. My dear old friend now has a final resting place underneath a nice tree at my parents house.

A while later we got a new kitten, who I named Archie. He is a Maine coon cross and he is not even 6 months old yet. Look how ma-hu-sive he is! Tiny kitten to hefer in no time at all!

 Little kitten.....
massive cat not even 6 months old!!
Archie lives with my parents (I live about ten mins away from them with my fiance) and I swear he gets bigger every time I see him. Pets can bring such joy into our lives and become part of the family. Do you have any pets? 


  1. aww what a gorgeous looking cat. I love cats but sadly my husband is allergic to them x

  2. Thanks Nicoletta, ah that is a shame, but on the other hand I guess having a sneezy hubby all day is not good :-) x

  3. Such a pretty kitty!! :] I love them as well!

  4. ohyouprettythings - thank you for your comment, :-) I think Archie is eating my mum out of house and home! x

  5. haha archie is brilliant, I wanted a coon cross but because of my mammys asmtha we cant get long haired kittys, shame as archie is gorgeous :)
    I just got a new kitty too shes 6 weeks old today and ive also got a 2 year old cat :) if i had my own way id have like 100 cats haha! x

  6. aw Archie is gorgeous I have 3 cats Jasper a ginger persian, Jake a tabby, and Tallulah a black and white semi long hair forest cat cross I love cats :)

  7. and tom kitten looks a little like tallulah when she was a baby :)


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