Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Nail the habit

I first discovered Konad on blogs and watching nail tutorials, since I hadn't seen anything quite like it in order to create quirky nail art designs, I decided to place an order on Amazon. To begin with I ordered the stamper and scrapper (the short stamper) image plate M57 and a mini special polish in a lovely bright blue.

I fell in love with amazing designs and experimented with a whole host of base coat colours. Then I went on holiday to Florida last summer. In the factory outlets they would have ladies selling Konad in carts. It was so much cheaper over there, so I took full advantaged and stocked up!

I got a kit where i could choose what plates I got and what three special varnishes. I opted for M35, M63 and M65. I chose black, white and red for the special polishes. the kit also included a tall stamper and another scraper. (Am kicking myself for not buying more to be honest!)

Anyways, looking at other people's blogs I know that Konad is not new news and for many the novelty may have worn off. There is a reason why I am still so fond of these kits. 

Up until about three years ago I was a nail biter. I admit it. I had horrible nails, actually wait, I had NO nails. Then I saw a picture of a group of my friends and I toasting and I saw my short stubby nails and was disgusted. It was seeing that picture that made me realize what a horrible habit it is. It was down to willpower that I stopped. I also liked having cute painted nails (something I could only dream about before)

I am constantly expanding my collection of polishes and testing out new designs. 
Here I chose a neon yellow base and stamped with konad black special polish and selected a design from image plate M63.


  1. wow this is gorgeous!

    I love nail art but I am fairly new to it and have NO Konad plates or accessories

    where in Florida did you get the Konad plates from I would love to pick some up on my next holiday there :D:)

    x x

  2. This looks really funky, i keep saying i'm going to buy a konad plate or something but then i never do ha.
    Congrats on the new blog too xx

  3. Hi Miss Jodie Elizabeth - aw thanks for your comment. I definitely recommend them, one the image plates you get about 5 different designs, so by mixing them with different colour base coats you can make lots of looks. (Great because I get bored so easily with the same look)
    Hmmm off the top of my head I can't remember the exact name but it was something like 'The Florida outlets' or something, but I will dig out my diary and find out and let you know.

    Hi Nicoletta, Thank you for your comment :-) I really appreciate it. I am going to try different base coats. I think with any light/bright base, black designs are quite eye catching.
    Aw thanks, I am still all so new to this, how did you first start blogging? xx

  4. congrats that you stopped bitting your nails :)
    the design of your manicure is awesome :)
    new follower indeed ^^

  5. Hello Passing Fancy, thank you for your kind comment, I really appreciate it. Hoping to take some more pics soon of new colour combos! x


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